Thank you for visiting my page and learning something about me.  I am a San Francisco-based fine art photographer working primarily with landscapes.  I washed up on the West Coast from North Carolina in 2003, and have been working as a photographer ever since.   

Artist Statement

In Drew Altizer’s landscapes, time smooths jagged edges like the sea polishes stones. Through long exposures he compresses time, transforming crashing waves into flat water and mist.

Time—viewed through his lens—turns ocean and rock into beautiful abstract forms. In his work, the sea is stilled into a contemplative moment, offering a calming distance from nature’s chaos.­

“All that ocean turbulence accumulates into a gesture,” Altizer says.

His black-and-white images create an intimate relationship between the viewer and the distant landscape. Shooting along the California coast and Hawaii, Altizer uses large format film and a medium format digital camera, with up to 30-minute exposures.

“A lot of my pictures are technical – a lot of the visual interest has to do with gradations of light. The tonal range, in long exposures, the whole range is blended. You can get a wonderful variety of tiny little tonal changes, if you take the time to look.”

Time provides distance to see things with clarity. 


My black and white landscape photographs are represented by Simon Breitbard Fine Arts

For all other work, please contact me directly


INSTAGRAM @drewaltizer

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